Kringle: A sweet tradition unlike any other

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RACINE- It’s the sweetest tradition in all of Wisconsin; the Danish Kringle.

The halo shaped danish has been made in Racine by O&H Bakery since 1949, and if recent sales are any indication, it will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Eric Oleson oversees the operation, a third generation Kringle proprietor. His grandfather, Dale, started the Kringle business nearly seventy years ago.

Today, Oleson says they manufacture between five and seven thousand Kringles per day, and that number can skyrocket to about twenty thousand around the holidays.

O&H makes more than a handful of flavors, including almond, apple, apricot, cinnamon roll, cream cheese, and the I Heart Denmark Kringle… but Oleson says they will expand their horizons from time to time.

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