Was Sheriff David Clarke's 'pitchforks & torches' tweet too fiery?

Wisconsin's Afternoon News

This tweet from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke regarding the election and political culture in America brought out major criticism.

Was Clarke's goal to incite a riot with his expressed thoughts?

Not in the mind of Brent Oleson, President of the Badger State Sheriff's Association and Juneau County Sheriff.

"I think it's just a metaphor. He's trying to encourage the public to get involved. This election certainly, across the nation, we're more polarized than we've ever been. Both parties are frustrated. A lot of the public is frustrated. I don't think he's actually encouraging or inciting people to riot. I don't think you'll see that happen. I think it's just his way of saying 'We need to get involved in what's going on in our country,' " said Olesen to WTMJ's Michelle Richards.

"If an individual is encouraging that type of behavior, obviously it would be wrong. I don't think that's the case here. For those who know him, I don't think that's the case, and people understand that."

Olesen admits that often, though, Clarke has used very controversial words to get his points across.

"He has been known to use fiery language in the past, that's for sure."

Clarke sent out a follow-up tweet after his "pitchforks and torches" tweet.

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