VIDEO: Random Act of Kindness Week

Wisconsin's Afternoon News

We think of the week of Valentine's Day as one about romantic love. It's also about other kinds of love - including that of selfless service.

Leon Logothetis has made a life mission of such acts - Random Acts of Kindness. He even created a series about it on TV and social media.

"I grew up wanting to empower myself, but to empower others. It's about seeing people. It's about sharing compassion. It's about showing some empathy. It's not just about kindness to others, it's about kindness and gentleness to yourself," said Logothetis on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure.

He wrote in his most recent book "The Kindness Diaries" about how he had been badly burned as a child.

He says he feels pessimism at times with seeing the current news - balanced out by optimism during his time spent serving others - so he sees why people could potentially be less kind than in the past.

"The news cycle doesn't help the situation," he admits.
"Yes, bad things do happen, but more often than not, good things are happening. If we look at the world through a different pair of glasses, we can experience it in a much more different way."
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