VIDEO: How can Milwaukee combat recent violence?

Wisconsin's Afternoon News

The City of Milwaukee is trying to find ways to respond to the violence that came in our city this past weekend.

Milwaukee Police responded to 15 separate Memorial Day weekend shootings that left four dead and 15 injured.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spoke Monday afternoon regarding the 14 separate shootings that took place over Memorial Day Weekend. Two children were among the injured.

"The majority of these incidents are not random acts of violence," said Barrett. "In fact, many of the victims and offenders have some connection."

Chief Ed Flynn echoed those thoughts in his news conference Monday, commenting on "the same circumstance that plagues this city...heavily armed offenders with extensive criminal records."

"They are not deterred by arrest alone," he commented.

What steps can the city take in the short term, and perhaps long term, to solve this?

Alderman Bob Donovan gave his thoughts to WTMJ's John Mercure Tuesday on Wisconsin's Afternoon News.

Listen to the conversation in your SoundCloud player above.

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