Transformations: Effect of ministry behind bars

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They are two seemingly different men. One's a chaplain and one's a former inmate.

Their stories share a common thread. They both have a past fueled by drugs and alcohol. and they both have been changed deeply, from the inside out, by prison reform ministry. 

Baptist chaplain Jim Craig has been bringing a transformative message to the incarcerated for five years. 

WTMJ's Melissa Barclay sat down with Craig for an interview inside the Milwaukee County Jail. It was recorded in the library on the third floor in a cell block, or pod, of 64 jail cells. 

Craig is a beacon of hope in one of the hopeless places in society. 

Melissa also had a conversation with former inmate, Kyle, who was incarcerated twice and candidly shares his story of tragedy, triumph, and life on the other side.

Both Craig and Kyle have a message of redemption and hope.

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