Operation Finally Home: Wisconsin's injured vets gets get donated mortgate-free home

Some veterans from Wisconsin who are injured in combat are receiving perhaps one of the greatest gifts they ever could receive - a new home, mortgage free.

"It still seems unreal," said Bo Kitelinger, an injured veteran, to 620 WTMJ's John Mercure on "Wisconsin's Afternoon News" about the home built for him by Operation Finally Home.

"It's a blessing and a godsend. If it wasn't for all my brothers and sisters in arms who lost their lives, this wouldn't be possible."

Kitelinger's mew home is in Jackson, Wis. - one that in many ways is a dream home beyond the fact that it's mortgage-free.

"The home itself is amazing. my wife and I went and sat in with the interior designer. She walked us through everything we needed to know...the house is just amazing."

David Belman of Belman Homes has gotten involved with it as well, through what he described as an emotional experience being introduced to the program.

"There was a veteran by the name of Steven Jackal. He lost his legs and he saved his whole battalion in the process. They showed videos of what happened to him, him going through rehab, coming back, having six kids at home...it really hit me really hard," he told Mercure.

"He came out and talked on stage...talked about how a brand new house helped him to much. He didn't have to worry about the things he worried about anymore."

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