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Recent polls show that more and more Americans believe media coverage is biased.  A recent YouGov poll found that 70% of Americans believe there is a definite media bias.  And a recent Gallup poll found that only 32% of Americans have a great deal or fair deal of trust in the media.


On a recent day I spoke to several Southeast Wisconsin residents.  Every one of them believed that there is some form of media bias.  Some thought that the media slanted to the left and some felt the media tilted toward the right.  

All of those interviewed expressed a disappointment that there is media bias.  Some told me that he no longer regularly listen to or watch the news because of the bias.

Marquette journalism professor Bonnie Brennan say when people stop consuming news that is dangerous.

"When people don't pay attention, that is a very bad thing, " Brennan told me.

"Our democracy was founded on people knowing what is going on."

Brennan says in an increasingly noisy media landscape, it is more important than ever for media outlets to strive to be un-biased.

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