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Wisconsin’s respect for the earth runs deep.  The state is home to many visionaries in the history of conservation such as John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, Aldo Leopold who founded the Wilderness Society and environmental activist Sen. Gaylord Nelson who founded Earth Day. 


We keep that spirit of conservation and green travel going with our program Travel Green Wisconsin. It’s 10 years old now and was the country’s first statewide tourism certification program and a model of sustainability for the nation.  The program recognizes businesses that have made efforts to enhance their sustainability practices. Certified businesses include everything from coffee shops to County Fairs. 

Pinehurst Inn in Bayfield is dedicated to eco-friendly accommodations. The bed & breakfast has the highest Travel Green Wisconsin certification at 140 points (out of a 30 point-minimum).

- Pinehurst Inn was named one of the “Top 10 Eco-friendly Inns” by and received the 2014 Wisconsin Governor’s Stewardship Award. 

- Guests can stay in the Main House, a restored farmhouse built in 1885, or the Garden House, which was built in 2003 as a designated “green building.” 
  - Each room has a whirlpool heated by the sun. Bedding and towels are made from organic cotton and they use local produce whenever possible.  

The Journey Inn in Maiden Rock is more than just eco-friendly accommodations. The property also includes a spa and learning center that hosts regular workshops. 

- The Inn has four guest rooms, each named and designed after a different “energy” – Earth, Air, Water and Fire. 
  - For example, the air room is painted in light, tranquil colors, and the water room has a large claw foot soaking tub.  

- The soaps, lotion and shampoo in each room are from a small farm in River Falls that specializes in making organic bath items. 

- The property also hosts yoga classes and special retreat events throughout the year. 

Amherst is home to the Artha Bed & Breakfast

- Artha Sustainable Living Center that includes an on-site yoga studio and hiking and cross-country ski trails. 

- The bed & breakfast is a renovated three-bedroom farmhouse that is sustainably operated with solar power.

- Meals are made with local, organic food and organic coffee, candy and popcorn are served to guests throughout the day. 

- Guests and residents are both welcome to attend the yoga studio’s weekly classes.

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