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Wisconsin’s camping experience is very different than what most people grew up with. Today, you can camp in everything from a covered wagon to a villa, and many private campgrounds offer amenities like kitchens, WIFI, TV’s and patios for grilling. It’s really a home away from home. 


Wildman Adventure Resort is known for their whitewater rafting trips down the Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers, but they also have a variety of lodging options. If you head to their Peshtigo River Outpost in Athelstane, you can stay in a yurt. 

- The yurt is a modern adaptation of the shelters used in ancient Asia. The yurt at Wildman Adventure Resort gets you close to nature, but you’re still separated from the elements. You can sleep indoors but still have a view of the stars thanks to the built-in skylight. 
  - The yurt has a queen-sized bed, couch, table, and even a fridge. WIFI is also available throughout the campground.  

- The yurt is a quick walk from the Peshtigo River and a hiking Trail. You’ll also have access to all the on-site activities, like the Alpine Tower High Ropes, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking tours. 

For a quirkier experience, head to Smokey Hollow Campground in Lodi. The campground offers tent camping and cabins, but they also have covered wagons and gazebos available for rent. 

- The old-fashion covered wagons sleep up to five people. 
  - They are air conditioned with a microwave, refrigerator, toaster, coffee pot, and TV. There’s also an attached 6-foot deck with charcoal grill. 

- Fully-furnished gazebos sleep 5-6 people
  - Inside, you’ll find helpful kitchen appliance like microwave and coffee maker plus A/C and TV. Outside, guests can relax on the attached deck overlooking the firepit. 

- Other campground amenities include mini golf, climbing wall, outdoor movie area and a large swimming pond and beach. 

History buffs should head to Lake Delton for a stay at the Seth Peterson Cottage. The cottage was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is just 880-square feet, which was on the forefront of today’s tiny home trend. 

- It’s one of the few Wright-designed buildings that is open for overnight stays. 

- While it may be more “glamping” than camping, the cottage is the perfect example of Wright’s design principles of being open to nature. 
  - The cottage is balanced on the edge of a wooded bluff overlooking Mirror Lake. It holds up to four guests, and includes a kitchen, fireplace and walk-out patio.     

- The house was rehabilitated in the late 80’s to include updated air conditioning and modern kitchen and bathroom amenities. During the renovation, furniture was designed to complement Wright’s designs. 

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