WTMJ Exclusive: Foxconn to make two-stage Wisconsin announcement, but hoops still to jump through

Scaffidi and Bilstad

It appears that Foxconn will be announcing the framework of a deal to bring its operations to Wisconsin, but there may be some hoops to jump through before stakes can go in the ground.

WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi cites a source saying that Foxconn will soon make a two-stage announcement of a deal.

The first announcement will come in Washington, D.C., potentially Wednesday, with the second announcement to come in the Milwaukee area.

However, the source tells Scaffidi that potential issues that could spring up involve eminent domain, local community approval and incentives.

Scaffidi broke the story on WTMJ's "Scaffidi and Bilstad" during the 1 p.m. hour. Listen above.

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