VIDEO: IKEA opens early in Oak Creek

Check out coverage below of IKEA opening in Oak Creek a few minute earlier than expected. Click here for Debbie Lazaga's review of what to know about traffic patterns there when you shop.

What might be the most anticipated store opening in Southeastern Wisconsin in generations is now reality. IKEA has opened in Oak Creek.

Shoppers waited hours - some overnight - to get in line and be the first to experience what may be the only home furnishings center chain in the world that serves meatballs. Yes, meatballs.

As of 9:15 a.m., the parking lot at IKEA was full, and police were asking people to go to the College Avenue Park 'n Ride to use the IKEA shuttle.

The international shopping-becoming-an-experience conglomerate opened its first Wisconsin location in Oak Creek on Wednesday.

It was a multi-year project spurred on by the efforts of Steve Scaffidi, the mayor of Oak Creek who is now WTMJ's midday host.

Watch below as WTMJ's Debbie Lazaga gives you a Time Saver Traffic primer on what to remember about driving and parking at IKEA - and there is a LOT to know.

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