Senate candidate Vukmir: Make Wisconsin Act 10 go nationwide


A U.S. Senate candidate from Wisconsin says she wants to take a major collective bargaining law she helped pass seven years ago, and bring it nationwide.

"How about if we reform (collective bargaining) at the federal level, take Act 10 nationwide? Eliminate the union stranglehold that we were able to do here in Wisconsin?" asked current Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir on WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi Show. She is running in the Republican primary against Kevin Nicholson, with the winner facing incumbent Democrat Tammy Baldwin.

"We want to make sure we do some of the things we've made work here in Wisconsin."

Act 10 rolled back most collective bargaining right for public employees in Wisconsin. In February 2017, Governor Scott Walker - who signed Act 10 into law - said President Donald Trump was thinking about bringing Act 10 into national law.

"Donald Trump needs allies, people who will be strong leaders, people who are not afraid to take on tough issues," said Vukmir.

"I think it's very realistic. All it takes is a handful of conservatives across the country who can get things done."

Vukmir also spoke with Steve about the idea of bringing various federal agencies' home bases out of Washington, D.C. and across the country. Listen to the full interview above in your podcast player and subscribe to the Steve Scaffidi Show podcast.

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