Milwaukee's own Violent Femmes working on feature film release

One of the men who started the Violent Femmes tells WTMJ that the three members of the band are coming together for a film project.

Victor DeLorenzo tells WTMJ his two co-horts from the band are agreeing to make public the story of the band which found its roots in Milwaukee in 1981.

"Myself, Gordon (Gano) and Brian (Ritchie) were in contact with a very famous producer, director and editor with the idea in mind that we are going to probably be working on a feature length documentary about Violent Femmes," he said.

"It's going to be a bio-pic. We're talking with these people now and hopefully something will come to pass and we can hopefully get to the production of it early next year."

The film will include much of their beginnings, including their formation here in the Brew City.

"Right here in's a Schwab's Drug Store kind of story," said DeLorenzo, who now has his project Nineteen Thirteen which plays locally. He left the Violent Femmes four years ago.

Watch the discussion the final two minutes and 30 seconds of WTMJ's Friday Forum from Scaffidi and Bilstad in the above video, along with Todd Gray, the superintendent of Waukesha Public Schools.

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