Unique and Amazing Story: Ted VanDerZalm

Scaffidi and Bilstad

Amereki Kum - Escape From Dubai TRAILER from Matt Johanning on Vimeo.

His name is Ted VanDerZalm. In the 1990's, he joined a real estate developmental team and sought financing to build a resort in Belize.

As a CPA, Ted traveled to the Middle East looking for investors. After running into debt, Ted's partners left him to fend for himself.

Eventually his debt led to his incarceration in Dubai. After spending five years in and out of jail, Ted decided his only way home was to mail himself in a crate.

Check out Erik's presentation of Ted's journey on Scaffidi and Bilstad below, where you can hear Ted's nephew, Matt Johanning, tell his Unique and Amazing Story.

Johanning has made a documentary of Ted's experience. The film, "Amereki Kum, Escape from Dubai" will debut at the Oconomowoc Arts Center on July 22nd. Watch the trailer above in your video player.

Both Ted and Matt will be there for a Q & A after the screening.

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