WTMJ Cares: 'Someone I Love Has Cancer,' a young mom and her daughter's nursing journey

The Jeff Wagner Show

When Mindy Bartczak was three years old, she lost her mom to cancer.

Before her mom died, she wrote a powerful book called "Someone I Love Has Cancer" to teach her three kids her illness.

Mindy then attended nursing school to and was performing clinicals at Froedtert when she encountered a patient with cancer.

That patient explained how hard it was to show her grandkids her life journey with the disease in a way her grandkids could understand.

That same patient, however, explained that she discovered a book called "Someone I Love Has Cancer" - the very book Mindy's mom wrote.

Now, Mindy works in the Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Emergency/Trauma Center.

Listen to Mindy's meaningful chat with WTMJ's Jeff Wagner above in your Soundcloud player.

Click here for more information on the "Someone I Love Has Cancer."

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