Recently-pulled Heineken ad: Racist?

The Jeff Wagner Show

Is a recently-removed commercial by Heineken "terribly racist?"

This commercial (which you can parts of below) involves a bartender sending a beer down a bar, past three people who are dark-skinned and to a woman at the end of the bar who is light-skinned, with the words "sometimes lighter is better" slogan put on the screen.

As the New York Post cites, Chance the Rapper publicly commented on Twitter, "I think some companies are purposely putting out (noticeably) racist ads so they can get more views...the ‘sometimes lighter is better’ (Heineken) commercial is terribly racist.”

One Twitter commenter on the other side of the issue said, "They were definitely not addressing race...people really out here making something out of nothing."

The company says it "missed the mark," despite no racist intent.

Watch a report about the now-removed video below (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE) and tell us what you think.


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