Jeff Wagner's Insight 2017 - Full Show Recap

PEWAUKEE -- “Jeff Wagner’s Insight," an episode of Jeff Wagner’s weekly show, was recorded Wednesday evening April 19, in front of a live audience at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee.

This year’s event was geared towards learning more about the people behind the high-profile jobs of his guests. 

When Summerfest CEO Don Smiley and Vice President of Entertainment, Summerfest Bob Babisch took the stage, they talked all things Summerfest, including, ticketing, merchandising, communications, booking talent and more. Plus, they told Jeff about competing for bands globally, why Summerfest has been so successful when others have fallen off the map and what they're doing to cement the future of the event. 

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Then, when 620 WTMJ's Voice of the Green Bay Packers Wayne Larrivee and Packers analyst Larry McCarren made their appearance, the two discussed where they began in the business, their chemistry together, the upcoming NFL Draft and whether they think the Packers will make the playoffs again this year.
Plus, hear Larry give one of the best lines of the night: "Sometimes I think Wayne's ideas about football are from outer space."

Next, Wisconsin Supreme Court justices Annette Ziegler, Rebecca Bradley, Daniel Kelly and Michael Gableman took the stage. The four explained to Jeff their paths to the state supreme court, what it takes to run for the court and what it's like working with another. 

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel later appeared on Insight. He talked to Jeff about the heroin epidemic in the state. He expresses his thoughts on why he thinks so many people are turning to drugs and what's being done to help the problem . Plus, find out his thoughts on the explosion of juvenile crime.

Wagner then welcomed restaurateur Joe Bartolotta. He explained how he got into the restaurant business, the secrets to his success in a challenging market and his take on the future trends of the industry.

Gov. Scott Walker and First Lady of Wisconsin Tonette Walker also joined the program. Gov. Walker discussed spending time with President Trump in Kenosha, the problem Wisconsin dairy farmers are having. welfare reform, fixing roads, Act 10, his 2016 presidential campaign and whether he'll seek a third term as governor. Plus, hear Tonette talk about the initiatives she is proud of and what she thinks her and her husband's life will be like after politics.

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Listen to the entire show below via the Jeff Wagner podcast page.

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