Jeff Wagner Show - The Rundown for July 17

Here are the biggest of stories Jeff Wagner has scheduled to share on his show Monday - always subject to change. Click here to listen live.

8:30-9 a.m.: Jeff Wagner's Big Three Things

1) Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission orders Ed Flynn to change policy on police chases.

2) President Trump's approval rating falls to 36%. What does it mean?

3) Are MPS school uniforms a good idea - and should parents be allowed to opt out?

Among the 9 am. hour stories:
1) Should insurers be able to offer bare bones insurance plans or are they "junk insurance"?
2) What should happen to a Wisconsin lawmaker who took down a sign at the State Capitol?
4) Should delivery drivers be armed?
Among the 10 a.m. hour stories:
2) Are grandparents "close family members" for immigration purposes?
3) Minnesota bans walleye fishing. Should Wisconsin follow suit?
Among the 11 a.m hour stories:
1) Toddler dies while playing in a hot car. Are the parents responsible?
2) Should companies be prevented from enforcing non-compete agreements?
3) If workers are scarce, is it the work or the wages?
4) A world without plastic bags?


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