Brenda Campbell wants to teach teens how to balance their checkbooks

Brenda Campbell is the President and CEO of Make a Difference Wisconsin, an organization which teaches financial literacy to teens. She spoke to WTMJ's Derrell Connor about how to get such programs into more public schools.

"Make a Difference was started back in 2006, buy a local businessman, his name is Lloyd Levin, and he saw the need and was really looking for a way to make a difference in our community," says Campbell.

She says Make a Difference usually targets students in high school.

"We're trying to catch them at an age where this is relevant, but before they've made mistakes," says Campbell.

Campbell says students have been very receptive to her organization's classes.

"They're eager to learn this," she says. "They know that they need to know it."

Listen to Brenda Campbell's full conversation with Derrell Connor in the player above.

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