House Speaker Paul Ryan says major tax reform package coming this spring

Midday with Charlie Sykes

House Speaker Paul Ryan has often said that the GOP will have an agenda in place by the time Republicans settle on a presidential nominee. 
Ryan joined WTMJ's Charlie Sykes Monday to reemphasize that point, saying a tax reform package is coming.
"This is what our five-point agenda is all about," he says.  'The first point in our agenda, that we're taking to the country, that we in the Congress are going to run on all summer and fall, the first plank is economic growth and the cornerstone of that is tax reform."
"The Ways and Means committee, with its tax force, is working on a tax reform plan to present and that we would run on. The point being, we want to run on what we think we need to do to get this country back on track with a better president for 2017."
Ryan adds that in order to do big and bold things in 2017, the GOP needs to ask permission from the country, and make it clear what it they would do, and tax reform is a piece of that.
"We need to be honest with people about what we think is necessary to fix this country's problems, so that we can get on with fixing it," says Ryan. "That's the kind of an election people would appreciate and deserve. Of all the things I'm proudest about in being Speaker, it is developing that agenda and getting ready to present it to the country."
As for the spring convention, Ryan says he's just going to stick to the rules. 
"The rules will be clear and they will be followed and the delegates, who are the grassroots of our party, they will be the ones who make these decisions if it goes to a contested or open convention."
"Whoever our nominee is going to be is gonna be our nominee," Ryan adds. "And we decided back in October, that regardless of who that person would be, this is the direction we were going. We believe we can bring form and substance and ideas and solutions to this election, which has been basically a personality contest. We think we can make it an ideas contest, and we think Republicans, by in large, win ideas contests and we lose personality contests."
That being said, Ryan also reemphasized the fact that he would not accept the GOP nomination.
"I didn't run," he says. "I just think it'd be wrong to then come in at the last minute and swoop the nomination from the people who spent two years running from it."
For Paul Ryan's full conversation with Charlie Sykes, click in the SoundCloud player above.
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