WTMJ series: Beyond the #MeToo Movement - Sexual misconduct in the workplace

Saturday at 4 p.m.: Listen to Jane Matenaer and Melissa Barclay's special, "Beyond the #MeToo movement" on WTMJ by clicking here.

Part 1: How #MeToo exploded.

The issue of workplace sexual harassment exploded in 2017 and continues today with weekend allegations from actress Uma Thurman against producer Harvey Weinstein and director Quentin Tarantino. In part one of a five part series, WTMJ's Jane Matenaer and Melissa Barclay look at the timeline of events with ABC News Cheri Preston.


Part 2: Sexual misconduct in Milwaukee

A leading professional women's group TEMPO MKE, recently sent out an anonymous survey to its' members asking them to share their stories of sexual misconduct at work. Of the nearly 100 respondents, 68% said they'd personally experienced sexual harassment. Jane and Melissa talk to TEMPO MKE CEO Jennifer Dirks about the survey results.


Part 3: Workplace anti-harassment training is critical

A leader in the Milwaukee business community explains how important it is for companies to have the right training when it comes to sexual harassment.



Part 4: A shocking workplace story as a teenager

A member of TEMPO MKE, a leading professional women's organization, has stepped forward to talk about an anonymous survey asking women to share  their experiences of sexual misconduct at work. Business owner Jill Zoromski shares a shocking story of what a boss said to her...when she was only 15 years old.


Part 5: The psychology of the abuser

We look into the psychology of people who engage in inappropriate behavior and how the misconduct starts.

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