Wisconsin Humane Society help five squirrels get out of a Gordian Knot

Credit is being given to a passerby who noticed five juvenile Gray Squirrels caught with their tails tied to each other.

The five were in what is known as a Gordian Knot, caused by the long stem grasses and plastic their mother used to build their nest.  Their tails were in the materials, and all of them were stuck with no place to go other then in a pack.

The passerby took the squirrels to the Wisconsin Humane Society, where their workers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center were given the task to free them.  After all five were given anesthesia, workers needed 20 minutes to cut through the grass and plastic to free them without causing significant damage to the squirrels' tails.

The separation was a success, and they remain at the facility for monitoring as they rehab.

More pictures and details can be found here.

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