VIDEO: Flynn retires as Milwaukee Police chief

Click here to listen to the conference live as it airs on WTMJ and watch live video below:

"It's time. Time to say thank you, time to say goodbye."

Police Chief Ed Flynn has announced his retirement after 10 years leading the Milwaukee Police Department, effective February 16.

"It has been a privilege to serve this city," said Flynn in his retirement announcement.

"I was brought here to be a change agent, and a change agent I have been."

"This city should be proud of its sons and daughters" who have served under Flynn.

He said his department has "achieved a level of excellence acknowledged by federal agencies...had a dramatic impact on crime while retaining broad grass roots support. Citizen complaints and uses of force are at a long time low."

"It's was 10 years ago that we took a gamble, a gamble on this outsider on the East Coast," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

"Flynn has given his all to the people of this community."

According to Barrett, Flynn will return to the east coast for his retirement.

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