Changing Face of Milwaukee: Brookfield

BROOKFIELD - Brookfield is thriving with several major developments underway, including the Corners and the Corridor.

"Bluemound Road is probably the preeminent corridor in the state of Wisconsin," said Brookfield Mayor Steve Ponto.

The boom in development can be attributed to pent-up demand since the recession.

"With the continuation of low interest rates and an economy that's sluggish but still coming along, I think there was really a feeling that now is the time."

The new stores and restaurants bring multiple benefits to the community.

"First of all, it makes goods and services readily available to the residents of Brookfield. Secondly, it increases the employment base for this area," said Ponto. "And third, frankly, it adds to our tax base. And that allows us to continue to provide a high level of government services without raising taxes."

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