U.S. Rep. Moore on police pursuit policy: 'No one is worth chasing'

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) believes the Milwaukee Police Department's pursuit policy should be revisited, telling WTMJ Radio "almost no one is worth chasing." 

Moore's comments came following the death of police officer Charles Irvine, Jr. during a high speed police chase.  Ladell Harrison faces several charges. He told detectives he thought police wouldn't pursue him, according to the criminal complaint.  

"The danger that police officers and civilians are put in (due to high speed chases) should really give us pause,"  Moore told WTMJ's Wisconsin's Afternoon News on Tuesday.  "Nothing is worth these high speed chases.  We ought to revisit this policy."

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth couldn't disagree more.

"I can't believe she said that," Beth told WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi on Wednesday.  "What she should have said was 'we need to strengthen the penalties for people who take off.'"

Suspects will know they won't be followed if they run, according to Beth.

"(Harrison) took off because he believed he would not be caught," Beth said.  "We need to start curbing the crime, not promoting it."



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