The same old Craig: Those closest to the Brewers skipper are taking in the Brewers run

For a lot of people, managing your hometown team in the NLCS may be a daunting task, but those close with Brewers Manager Craig Counsell know that's not the case.

"I think he'll always be the same guy," said Jamie Glinberg, a friend of Counsell's since their time at Richard's School in Whitefish Bay. "He's gone through a couple World Series, in 2001 he was the NLCS MVP, but he's always just been Craig."

Glinberg says he's been there for Counsell's first MLB game, first hit and homerun and even the first World Series. Through it all, not much has changed.

"To see him manage where he is, he does a great job at always tempering what's going on and keeping himself grounded."

Counsell's current residence and hometown in Whitefish Bay is a big reason for that, and the Brewers buzz has never been higher.

"All of our old classmates are posting pictures of him," Glinberg says. "Whether it be homecoming or prom pictures, or even just pictures of the guys, Whitefish Bay is just a buzz right now."

Despite the hype surrounding the NLCS and this current Brewers run, Counsell is still just one of the guys.

"If you're walking down the street on Silver Spring, or you see him at Starbucks, he's very recognizable, but he also just blends in. He's a regular guy, he's a dad, but he's also leading the [Brewers] to the NLCS right now, which is so exciting."


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