Suspect in city worker Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz's homicide found guilty by jury

MILWAUKEE -- One of the suspects in the 2017 homicide of city worker Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz was found guilty by a jury Wednesday.

18-year-old Deshaun Scott was convicted of felony murder. He faces a maximum sentence of 51 years in prison - 35 years for felony murder, 16 for other convictions. Scott was found not guilty on a related armed robbery charge.

Authorities allege Zyszkiewicz was sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, near 23rd and Cherry last year, when Scott and 18-year-old Qhualun Shaw approached him to try and steal the car.

According to a criminal complaint, Scott shot Zyszkiewicz with a shotgun before he and Shaw ran back to a stolen car and 22-year-old Eric Smiley drove them away.

While testifying at a preliminary hearing last year, Milwaukee Police Detective Matthew Bell said Zyszkiewicz's injuries were traumatic.

"The victim was shot once in the head with what appeared to be a large caliber gun," Bell said.

According to a criminal complaint, Smiley used the shotgun to steal the vehicle the three men drove to 23rd and Cherry, a Kia, from its owner earlier in the day at a gas station near 35th and Townsend.

Minutes later, Smiley is accused of driving the Kia to a home near 28th and Chambers and battering the mother of his 6-month-old child.

During questioning from Smiley's attorney, Bell said the woman carjacked at the gas station wasn't able to identify Smiley in a photo array following the incident.

"She couldn't pick Mr. Smiley out, true?" said Smiley's defense attorney.

"True," Bell replied.

Zyszkiewicz, a 64-year-old U.S. Army veteran, was on the job at the time of his death.

He worked as a special enforcement inspector for Milwaukee’s Department of Neighborhood Services, and was just weeks from being eligible for retirement at the time of his death.

All three suspects were caught later that day following a pair of chases involving the Kia and a stolen Toyota.

Investigators accuse Scott of stealing the Toyota on March 1.

Smiley, a convicted felon, was out on bail and facing separate charges of bail jumping and felony possession of a firearm at the time of Zyszkiewicz’s homicide.

Shaw was also out on bail at the time of the shooting, and charged with car theft in a separate case. 

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