Speaker Robin Vos defends free trip to London, calls controversy over it 'a big nothing-burger'

The Steve Scaffidi Show


Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is defending his free trip to London with lobbyists, a jaunt said to have contributed to the resignation of his counterpart in Ohio.

"It's a big nothing-burger," said Vos on WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi Show Friday.

Vos was among a group of lawmakers from several states who participated in the trip last August. Lobbyists were on the trip.

The speaker of the Ohio House, Cliff Rosenberger, said this week he was stepping down amid an FBI investigation that is reportedly looking at the four-day trip to England and other issues.

(We are including his entire comments about the issue below, which you can also hear in the final minute of the podcast of his interview above.)

"Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, they all have an opportunity for us to go and learn from each other. I'm in line to become president of the National Conference of State Legislators, a bipartisan organization that brings leaders and legislators to learn together about policy topics. GOH (Conservative) Pac is the organization that sponsors this. It's the only trip I've ever taken with them, because they are focused on conservative solutions. It's founded by Pete DuPont 40 years ago, then headed by Newt Gingrich. It's a great organization that tries to train future conservative leaders. When they gave me an opportunity to learn about the leadership of Winston Churchill, I thought that was a pretty cool thing. Also I looked at the agenda, and it was something that also benefited me as a leaders to connect with other leaders from around the country in my job at MCSL, but also as a Speaker of the Assembly to make sure I do my very best to push the envelope to keep Wisconsin at the forefront. We have the toughest ethics laws in the country. There is no doubt in my mind that we followed the law. We checked on it. It's just a big story that unfortunately the left is trying to peddle because I was thinking about running for Congress."

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