Report: Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke 'threatened,' 'verbally pummeled' Medical Examiner

A report says the sheriff of Milwaukee County, now in discussion for a Trump cabinet post, threatened another county official.

Milwaukee County Chief Medical Examiner Brian Peterson tells the Journal Sentinel's Daniel Bice that Clarke reached him in late October about how the Medical Examiner's office released information about the deaths of two inmates inside the jail this year.

Peterson told Bice that Clarke "verbally pummeled" and "threatened" him, and that he would tell the Medical Examining Board of Wisconsin to revoke Peterson's license or punish him in another way.

Peterson sent an e-mail to County Executive Chris Abele about the incident, and his chief of staff told Bice Abele's office would "obviously have your back" and that the top office of the county is no stranger to his bullying behavior."

Four inmates have died at the jail this year. Click here for more from the Journal Sentinel.

Additionally, a county supervisor requested that Clarke resign his job, to which the Sheriff gave a response.

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