Report: MillerCoors cuts 350 positions

A report says that MillerCoors will be making an organization-wide move to eliminate 350 jobs.

An e-mail from CEO Gavin Hattersley to staff and the company's distributors explained the move, which a spokesperson says has already begun with about 150 jobs "held open or eliminated earlier this year."

"We know we need the financial flexibility to invest in our brands and solutions at the right level, quickly capitalize on new opportunities, and maintain a robust marketplace presence," Hattersley wrote in the e-mail. "Our current fixed cost base limits our ability to do all this."

The Business Journal says MillerCoors has 1,400 employees in Milwaukee and 8,000 across America. A spokesperson says there was no initial word on how many jobs would involve positions in Milwaukee.

According to the report, the Coors Light brand has seen falling sales this year.

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