Lutheran church leader: 'Absolute loss' after fire, but commitment to return to same location

A leader in the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church says that the people of Trinity Lutheran Church in Milwaukee are committed to return to the location where much of their church burned down Tuesday.

Rev. Jonah Burakowski said that the church is currently looking for temporary help in serving its congregation after the fire the burned down the roof, one steeple and many other aspects of the 140-year-old church building on North 9th Street and West Highland Avenue.

"An absolute loss for Trinity Lutheran Church," said Rev. Burakowski at a Wednesday news conference.

"At the same time, the building is only one piece of the ministry puzzle," he added.

"That is where the church is found, the people. They are committed to restoring their presence on this corner."

The possibility of returning to the corner may have come from the speed at which 85 Milwaukee firefighters controlled the fire.

"We're certainly grateful for the fire department, the police department...the congregation is thankful they will continue to gather here in the future," he said.

However, he explained that the church is attempting to find a temporary locale for its services, with a "little more permanent temporary location" planned after that before the return.

Watch the news conference below.

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