Milwaukee alderman wants to make leaving car unattended with keys inside illegal

An alderman in Milwaukee wants to make it illegal to warm up your car without you being in or around it - or leaving your keys in the care unattended under any circumstance.

Alderman Terry Witkowski will have this as one of two ordinances going up before the Public Safety and Health Committee on Thursday.

It would make it illegal to have a driver leave their keys inside the car if it's parked on private property. Right now, it's illegal to do so on public property "unless the starting lever, throttle, steering apparatus, gear shift, brake system or ignition of the vehicle is locked and the key for the lock is removed from the vehicle."

The ordinance would raise the fines for such a violation from the $22-60 range to $75-105.

It comes after a rash of car thefts during the last week of 2017, with many being unattended while being warmed up.

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