Miller Lite beats Bud Light in blind St. Louis test, and MillerCoors is billboarding it

It appears more people in Budweiser's backyard prefer Miller Lite to their own hometown light beer in a blind taste test. 

MillerCoors official blogger Peter Frost says that bars in St. Louis hosted a promotional blind taste test, and more than three quarters of those who took the test in the hometown of Bud Light chose Miller Lite above the local brew.

The company is putting up billboards in St. Louis to brag about the fact that "7 out of 10 in STL agree...more taste than Bud Light," with a Miller Lite can. Click here to see the billboard.

“Around the corner from Busch Stadium, a few blocks from the Budweiser brewery, we put our beer’s taste to the test. And the results may have surprised some people, but they definitely didn’t surprise us,” Sheila Rhodes, a marketing manager for that region of the country, told the MillerCoors blog.

It's part of a nationwide marketing campaign MillerCoors will run with taste tests, where it says that 70 percent of test participants chose Miller Lite.

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