Marquette Law School poll: Smaller majority disapprove of President Trump's performance

The latest Marquette University Law School poll took the temperature of Wisconsinites on many various issues, including a continual disapproval rating for the President - but a smaller one than nine months ago.

50 percent of Wisconsinites disapprove of President Trump's performance, while 43 percent approve of his job so far. Last year, 51 percent disapproved his performance, while 41 percent approved.

Party lines seem to divide the view of the President: 89 percent of Republicans approve his job performance, while 89 percent of Democrats disapprove. 53 percent of independents disapprove of his job performance.

As for Governor Walker, the poll says an even amount of people approve and disapprove with his performance: 47 percent each. It was the same nine months ago, but at 48 percent each.

In the U.S. Senate race:
- Tammy Baldwin (incumbent Democrat): 37 percent favorable, 39 percent unfavorable
- Leah Vukmir (Republican): 10 percent favorable, six percent unfavorable
- Kevin Nicholson (Republican): Seven percent both favorable and unfavorable

The poll says that a slightly larger percentage of Wisconsin voters favor a ban on assault-style weapons compared to five years ago - 56 percent now compared to 54 percent in March 2013. The pol also says that 52 percent of people with a gun in the house support background checks, while 52 percent oppose a ban on assault-style weapons.

81 percent of Wisconsin voters are in favor of background checks on private gun sales and sales at gun shows; 16 percent oppose it.

According to the poll, 44 percent of Wisconsin households have guns, while 48 percent do not.

When it came to the Foxconn deal the state of Wisconsin made, 49 percent believe that the state is paying more incentives for the Foxconn project than what the "project is worth." 38 percent say the plant will produce more value than what the state is paying.

62 percent say they are either somewhat concerned or very concerned about the potential of negative water and environmental quality due to the Foxconn plant. The only region of the state with more than 50 percent support was in the Milwaukee suburban area, not including city limits.

The margin of error for the poll is plus-minus 4.5 percentage points, with some items on half of the sample, leading to a plus-minus of 6.3 or 6.4 percentage points.

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