Walker open to tolling interstates in Wisconsin, with conditions

BELOIT, Wis. (AP) -- Gov. Scott Walker says he's open to the idea of tolling Wisconsin interstates, but only if the revenue helps reduce the state's gas tax, which is nearly 31 cents a gallon.
"It's a balance," he told Mercure about a process that couldn't begin until at least two years from now. (He said it about 41 minutes into this video below.)
"The only way I would consider it is if someone could show me a plan where I could lower the gas tax that people across the state pay, with the idea that someone coming over the state line could pay something to offset that state gas tax."

He further made his comments Tuesday in Beloit where he warned that the $1.2 billion expansion of Interstate 39-90 from the Madison area to the Illinois line could be delayed if lawmakers can't agree on how to fund road projects. Walker says that also applies to other highway projects currently under construction.
The governor is pressing Republican lawmakers to produce a roads funding package soon and to keep it within the larger state budget.
The Janesville Gazette reports Walker says interstate tolls wouldn't be an immediate fix within the upcoming budget, but he says he would be interested in talking more about it.


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