Phallic symbol, lewd language graffitied on Milwaukee County park playground prompts concern

MILWAUKEE -- A phallic symbol along with other inappropriate graffitied messages remain at Humboldt Park right where children play. 

Joyce Shayhorn works at an elementary school right across from the park. She said many of her students are forced to see the graffiti each day and she’s doesn’t understand why someone would deface the property. 

“It’s awful," Shayhorn said.  "But it’s awful in all the neighborhoods. Most of the kids that go [to the school] live [in the area], they have to see it walking through the park from going home and people don’t care about that."

A picture was shared on Facebook Sunday of children playing next to the graffitied phallic symbol. On Monday, the symbol appeared less visible, but the faded graffiti still has Brian Schweinert hoping things in the Bay View area change for the better. 

“People are just getting tired of it," Schweinert said. "A lot of people have had enough, they want their neighborhood back and it’s time to get the neighborhood back."

WTMJ sister station TODAY'S TMJ4 reached out to Milwaukee County Parks about this incident, but they were not available to comment.

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