Milwaukee bar O'Lydias finds kayak tied to bike rack

O'Lydia's customer braves the rain with kayak

It rained hard in Milwaukee last night.

But not even flash flooding and reported pea sized hail can stop locals from making their way to Walker's Point for a drink.

O'Lydia's Bar and Grill, located on the corner of 1st and Florida street, found a kayak tied to their outside bike rack, but nobody seems to know how or why it was there.

But everyone seemed impressed by the mysterious person's commitment and innovation in the midst of a thunderstorm.

"Get here any way you can...?" Steven Schmitzer said on O'Lydia's Facebook page.

Charlyn Marie added, "Possibility of a flood? I mean hey, it WAS raining?"

Plenty of puddles and makeshift rivers formed last night--not nearly enough for a kayak--but one commenter was trying to push his dream of Milwaukee turning into Venice, Italy.

"The dream of the Harbor District is alive!" Reddit commenter BoneByter said.

That would certainly makeover the Brew city, but having gondola drivers rather than Uber drivers might cause a bit of a traffic backup.

O'Lydia's has been in business since 2011, so this is probably not the weirdest thing they've seen outside their restaurant, but it's certainly memorable. 

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