Demetrious Lowe charged with three felonies; family speaks out after violent arrest in Milwaukee

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The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office has charged a young man involved in a violent and viral arrest, one which has brought about scrutiny from the family and community over the way officers acted.

Demetrious Lowe has been faces three felony charges of battery to a law enforcement officer after an incident near the corner of North 51st Boulevard and West Capitol Drive on Wednesday, May 2nd.

If he is convicted on all three counts, he faces up to 18 years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

According to a criminal complaint, police went to 51st and Capitol after a report that a man had kicked in a door and was walking away.

After reaching Lowe, police say that he repeatedly yelled "I'm King James" and was asking about the whereabouts of someone named Tyler.

Police say officers reportedly demanded he stop, and then two officers attempted to take control of his arms. The complaint says Lowe tried to pull away, flailed his arms and created a fist and punched an officer, breaking a bone in that officer's face, before Lowe ran away.

The report then said that the officers surrounded Lowe and struck him with a baton, but he did not stop throwing punches. He then allegedly punched a second officer to the ground and then punched him repeatedly.

Lowe then allegedly struck the third officer.

A fourth officer then allegedly got a sprained thumb from struggling with the defendant.

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The father of Demetrious Lowe is now speaking out for the first time since his son's arrest.

Anthony Lowe is now offering an apology to the Milwaukee Police Department.

During an exclusive interview with TODAY’S TMJ4, Lowe said the officers did the best they could during the arrest -- but says there were errors made.    

“I’m praying and hoping that this incident that happened with my son can make a change within the police district,” said Anthony Lowe.

Milwaukee police were called out after Lowe's girlfriend called 911, saying he was being violent, and had possibly had been drugged.

His family says he was suffering from mental health issues during the incident. Despite the apologies, the family still plans to sue the police department. 

Three officers are on administrative duty – one other officer is suspended with pay while the incident is being investigated.

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