Firefighter, an owner of Sun Prairie bar, dead after explosion

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (AP) -- A firefighter was killed and at least a dozen other people were injured when a natural gas explosion leveled at least two buildings in a Wisconsin community, authorities said Wednesday.

A gas leak in downtown Sun Prairie led to an explosion Tuesday evening that killed Cory Barr, family confirmed to WISC-TV on Wednesday.

The explosion destroyed several buildings and ignited a fire that sent billowing smoke that could be seen for miles around.

Barr's family shared this statement in full Wednesday:

There are not enough words in the English language to describe how wonderful of a man Cory was. He was the best husband a girl could ask for. He lived by the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” motto.

He couldn’t have been a better dad to our twin girls, who just had their 3rd birthday. They looked up to him and would run screaming “Daddy’s Home” every time he would walk in the door. Cory loved the fire department.

He was the first firefighter to join the department when they changed the age limit from 21 to 18. This allowed him to be on the department for 15 years. His passion for the fire service was unremarkable.

He was also able to follow in his grandparents footsteps and open a bar in a location that had so much sentimental value to him and I – The Barr House. He loved the commandry a bar brings and the friendships that can develop.

I have yet to hear somebody ever have a bad thing to say about him. He was so outgoing, goofy, big-hearted, and would give the shirt off his back to anyone.

To say that our family is devastated and heart broken is an understatement. We greatly appreciate all the offers of help, kind words, and prayers everyone has offered. I am in awe at how much a community can come together to lift up those in pain.

God wanted this dedicated and passionate firefighter by his side.

Another firefighter suffered critical injuries in the blast but his condition has been stabilized, according to Sun Prairie Police Lt. Kevin Konopacki.

Four other firefighters, a police officer and seven civilians were also hurt, Konopacki said.

The firefighter who died has been with the department at least 10 years, Sun Prairie Fire Chief Christopher Garrison said.

"The Sun Prairie Fire Department is strong. We will keep on building from this. We are hurt, but we will come back," Garrison said.

WE Energies spokeswoman Amy Jahns said workers for a private contractor punctured a 4-inch (10-centimeter) gas main, causing a leak that resulted in the explosion that rained burning debris on downtown Sun Prairie and set vehicles parked nearby on fire.

Authorities evacuated buildings within a half-mile (0.8 kilometer) radius from the center of the explosion. The Barr House, which Cory Barr owned, and Glass Nickel Pizza exploded after the gas ignited, police said.

The Red Cross assisted evacuees at a shelter set up at Sun Prairie High School.

Steve Owen, 60, who owns Sun City Cyclery and Skates in downtown Sun Prairie, said he saw firefighters and police officers on the street and then the explosion happened. He said the building across from his shop "literally lifted up."

He said the force of the blast knocked him back in his chair and that he ran outside and saw a ball of fire.

"People were scrambling," said Owen, who lives above his shop.

Jill Thompson, 56, who lives about two blocks away, said she saw smoke immediately after the blast occurred.

"It shook the whole building," Thompson said. "I thought someone had hit the building with their vehicle."




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