Analysis: 76,000 Wisconsinites would lose food stamps under GOP bill

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A Republican bill that would impose new work and job training requirements for federal food stamps could force nearly 76,000 Wisconsin recipients out of the program.

A Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis of the bill Democratic lawmakers released Tuesday found that the bill would prohibit states from offering food stamp eligibility for needy families that receive federal assistance or use federal programs to help the poor.

According to the report, 11.1 percent of Wisconsin food stamp recipients would likely lose eligibility. That translates to 75,720 of 682,924 recipients. About 23,370 children would likely lose food stamp eligibility and with it eligibility for free and reduced school lunches.

State Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling ripped the bill at a news conference Tuesday, saying making children go hungry is cruel and heartless.

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