Get ready for skeeters

MILWAUKEE - The storms that came through this weekend were great for lawns and crops, but they were also just what mosquito eggs need to hatch.

"With the rain that we've been getting, that does set things up for mosquito activity," said UW-Madison entomologist P.J. Liesch. "Anytime you get rain, you can have this lag period of about two weeks or so."

So far this summer, southeast Wisconsin has seen an average number of mosquitoes. It's a different story up north.

"Probably the worst mosquito reports I've been getting lately have been from the northern portion of the state," said Liesch. "If you're up in Eagle River, Minocqua, places like that, and are sitting out by the campfire in the evening, the mosquitoes are certainly out. It's not bad enough to completely ruin your vacation, but you will need to take some precautions."


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