Exclusive: Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt to announce whether he'll run for position next week


As previously reported, acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt will remain at his post through the beginning of next year.

He will serve in the role through the rest of the term which was scheduled for Sheriff David Clarke, who resigned the position.

On Monday, Schmidt joined WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi telling him when he will make an announcement on whether he'll run for the position of Milwaukee County sheriff.

"I have about three major initiatives I'm going to announce next week," Schmidt said. "The public has been waiting for me to make a decision as for what I'm going to do. I will be making that announcement early next week."

He added, "I have been very, very cautious on making any commitments passed the end of the year, but I'm in the final rounds of talks with a few of my advisors and there are going to be some very strong initiatives coming out."

Schmidt later specified that the announcement will come on Tuesday, April 24. 

The Sheriff's role will be decided in a November 2018 election.

Listen to the full interview in the podcast player.

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