European Union to tariff Harley-Davidson bikes, other items in response to Trump tariff

WASHINGTON - The president of the European Union's executive body says the bloc will retaliate against planned U.S. tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum by taking aim at American exports such as Harley-Davidson bicycles and other items.

Jean-Claude Juncker says the 28-nation bloc will respond to U.S. import taxes by treating "American products the same way," while abiding by World Trade Organization rules.

Juncker told German media Friday that "Europeans will take WTO-conform measures: Harley Davidson, Bourbon, blue jeans."

He dismissed Trump's claim the U.S. can slap tariffs on steel and aluminum for national security reasons.

Juncker said that "none of this is reasonable, but reason is a sentiment that's very unevenly distributed in the world."

Asked if a trade war is brewing, he said: "I can't see how this isn't part of war-like behavior."

When reached by WTMJ, Harley-Davidson officials initially declined comment.

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