Drivers Ed with Debbie- Adopt-A-Highway gives opportunities for volunteering


"We have, once a month, our Harley chapter meets, we're out here 3 times a year." says, Dan Rakovich of the Kettle Moraine HOG Chapter. 

He is the leader of their Adopt-A-Highway group. He coordinates the trips with the members and makes sure to pick up the equipment from the DOT lets groups use free of charge.  

Rakovich says, "The DOT provides us with the bags, signage, and all the safety vests.  Throughout the years, we've bought the pick-up sticks, [they] just make it a little bit easier  to go around and these are much nicer."

Volunteering is something this HOG chapter is known for, so it's just another option for members to give back to the community."

  And It's not just for 2 or 3 people.  Rakovich says, "Generally anywhere from 25 to 45 people, so a big crowd."

Many hands make light work.  Like with Amy Dey, Pat Clark and Rob Fehl, members of the Kettle Moraine HOG chapter and my partners in CLEAN.  They come out once a month during the spring and summer to clean up either this location on Hwy 18 between Hwy C and Hwy V, or their new location on Hwy 59 between Barker rd and Hwy 164, alternating every month. They pick up every little piece of debris, and they've seen it all.

"We find a lot of strange things out there, I guess. Car keys, clothes, you name it, it's out there."  says Rakovich.  

Rob Fehl says, "The very first clean up of the year, you find all the left-overs from the winter and the stuff that the snow plows push through.  It usually takes a little bit longer to do the very first one."

This time we found just a couple of weird things, like a brake pad and a metal spike.

They even have some seasonal fun.

"The Easter Bunny comes out in April and hides things for us along the route." says Fehl

But mostly they find plastic wrappers, cups and bottles and cigarette butts.

Amy Dey, HOG chapter secretary says, "Not much garbage today, which is good!" 

"The reason it's so clean is because we come out here so often.  We are told that we are one of the few groups that does this monthly."  explains Fehl.

Each team in the group starts at either end of the assigned stretch and work their way to the center, where they all meet at a bar for some brunch, drinks and good times.  It's all part of what this HOG group likes to do just to give back.  And thanks to the Adopt-A-Highway program, they get to do just that.

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