Do My Job: 'Road crew' in Waukesha County

Do My Job

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Their job is to improve and maintain the busy roadways we travel on every day, and there's a lot that needs to be done to get the highways back into order for the summer travel months. 

Cris Harman, Grade Crew Foreman with the Waukesha County Highway Department, met me along Hwy 59 to explain the project we would be tackling on a brisk March morning.

"Well, we're replacing the guardrail that got damaged due to a car accident. It's a safety issue for the state and we're taking care of it to get it back to where it functions like it use to." said Harman.

This project alone won't take too long though.

"Between traffic closures and every thing, probably 2 hours. We can try to fit up to 3 or 4 projects in one day depending on the size."

The Waukesha County Highway workers are out in the elements everyday risking their lives, as cars are whizzing by. I could only think of the safety of these workers on a daily basis.

"We try to implement as much safety equipment as we can. We have bumper trucks and cones. Hopefully with our bumper trucks, it will protect us from an accident or an impact," Harman said. 

The majority of the job required taking off an old, heavy piece of metal that had been bent and damaged in a car accident and replacing it with a shiny new one. But first you have to taking the bolts off and replace them with new ones...lots of them.

The project itself took less than two hours, but just being a part of the crew for that short length of time, I could see how you would get great satisfaction working as a team and completing several projects everyday. 

But as for me...I won't likely be working on any road projects anytime soon... and I most definitely won't be looking at guardrails the same way again.

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