CMV: A bigger concern for babies than Zika

MILWAUKEE - Zika has gotten a lot of attention this year, but there's another virus that's more likely to affect pregnant women and could cause severe symptoms in babies.

It's called cytomegalovirus, or CMV.

"CMV infection, or congenital CMV infection, is a very common infection worldwide," explained Dr. Megha Sharma, a neonatal pediatrician at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The virus is usually transmitted by young children who pick it up at daycare. 

Only about 10 percent of babies born with CMV show any symptoms, but those who do can have serious health issues. 

"They could have severe jaundice, they could have hearing loss, they could be small for their gestational age, they could have a small head size, they could have an enlarged liver, spleen, or seizures, brain malformations, so kind of a spectrum," said Dr. Sharma.

The best way to prevent CMV is through good hand washing. 

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