Autumn presents some extra hazards on the road

Sure, it's not exactly driving through snow piles in the winter, but autumn has it's own share of driving hazards.  

"If you are driving down the street and there are leaves blowing in the street and it's wet, that's going to cause some significant slipperiness compared to just some wet pavement" says Nick Jarmusz from AAA.

Who would have thought the innocent little falling leaves could be so treacherous?  But when you get enough of them together, they can cause some real problems.  

For example, no matter how badly you'd like to just plow through the piles collected along the curbs, RESIST THE URGE!  

"The thing about leaf piles is that it's not always just leaves.  There could be other debris, there could be broken glass that could damage your tires."  says Jarmusz   

And we don't have to tell you what kind of tragedy it would be should anything happen to kids possibly playing in those piles of leaves. 

You don't want to park on top of the leaf piles either.  Your exhaust becomes very hot as you drive, and if you park on a pile of dry leaves, those leaves could spark and start a fire.

But it's not just leaves causing problems at this time of year.  The change in seasons also means a change in the amount of daylight.  

"Even if you don't normally drive at night, you probably will begin driving in some darkness hours once the clock sets back," explained Jarmusz.    

So AAA suggests that you make sure your headlights are in good working order as well.  

And with the beautiful foliage changing, make sure to keep your mind and eyes on the road.

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