Accused sex offender still living near children in Waterford

First reported on WTMJ

While he awaits trial on child sex assault charges, an accused sex offender in Waterford continues to live in a neighborhood full of children.

Gregory Frank, 67, faces ten counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child and sixteen counts of possession of child pornography.  

Frank now lives at his daughter's home, near 6th St. and Edmund St, after being released by the Racine County Jail Wednesday night.

Neighbors are irate.

"There are kids in almost every house," Matthew Hanks tells WTMJ Radio.  "Kids walk to school.  They walk right past his house.  That's the biggest problem."

Waterford Police Chief Matt Johnson acknowledges the neighborhood's concerns, but since Frank has not yet been convicted, he says there are fewer options.

"We've began increasing patrols, but other than that there is nothing more we can do," the chief said.

Frank is under house arrest.  The chief is reminding neighbors to call police if they see Frank outside of his home.

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