WTMJ Cares: Dr. Clark Gamblin on liver cancer and importance of mental attitude by cancer patients

WTMJ Cares

In our WTMJ Cares "Week of Hope" cancer awareness initiative, Dr. Clark Gamblin of Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin explains many things that he shares with his liver cancer patients.

A lot of it is about the minute details involving liver, but much of it is about something we all can understand: human emotions and mental attitude when facing a disease like cancer.

"We've got to recognize that (people) are not alone," said Dr. Gamblin to WTMJ's Jeff Wagner.

In that vein, he helped set up Froedtert's "Together, We Are Strong" blog to help people realize how vast cancer reaches people, and how so many people who are touched by the disease can support each other.

"They have unique stories, but they have common themes that they are challenged by," said Dr. Gamblin.
"Patients can go on and share those stories with those who need it the very most."

Click here for a calendar of screening opportunities (some free) as part of the WTMJ Week of Hope.

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