Salute to Service: Racine County Deputy Sheriff Karen Hernandez

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Sometimes a routine check of a license plate can turn into something a whole lot more serious. But there is nothing ever routine about the daily work of a law enforcement professional.

Racine Sheriff's Department Deputy Karen Hernandez was at an intersection in Racine when a vehicle next to her rapidly pulled away and fled into a nearby Festival Foods parking lot.

As the suspect drove through the parking lot, he ran over two people who had come out of the store after shopping, resulting in very serious injuries.

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Deputy Hernandez immediately sprang into action, applying a tourniquet to one of the victims, as her face was sprayed with blood from the horrific injury, at the same time directing a nearby civilian on how to make a second tourniquet for the other victim.

Her quick response is credited with saving the woman's life.She clearly understands her role in the safety of the community, but this event was more than just doing a job."I looked over to my left and saw the victims lying on the ground, it was horrific, and I couldn't believe my eyes," Hernandez said. 

For her lifesaving work on the job and her commitment to public safety, Deputy Karen Hernandez is a nominee for WTMJ Cares Salute to Service Award.

Salute to Service is sponsored by First Bank Financial Centre.

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